Saffron Walden Beekeepers - New beekeepers

We actively encourage new beekeepers.

A ‘taster’ session

A ‘taster’ session is held during the latter part of each year summer for those considering taking our beginners course. This will show you something of what is involved. Check the events diary to find the next taster session.

New Beekeeper training

SWBK runs a comprehensive training course for those interested in becoming beekeepers or those ready to take the plunge and acquire a hive and some bees.

The course covers every aspect of beekeeping, including equipment, technique, the beekeeping year, honey extraction, diseases/pests, swarms/prevention and much, much more.

The course runs annually starting in February or March with some classroom sessions before continuing with a number of apiary sessions. The classroom sessions are normally held on a weekday in various venues in the area. There is a choice of times and locations for the apiary sessions. The purpose of the course is to enable those attending to be able to manage a colony of bees on completing the course.
Afterwards a bee buddy / mentor is assigned to those attending to provide support throughout the rest of the year. Further classes are offered to extend the training as beekeepers start their second year.

As in recent years the course has been oversubscribed. A provisional list is kept until final details are published in December.

If you want to join a course -