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Mon 30th August 2021


The Countess of Warwick Show Little Easton - Honey Show and Stall

Steph Green did a great job of organising us all!

SWBKA were well represented at the Countess of Warwick Show (COWS) at Little Easton this weekend. We had the bee products gazebo well positioned just outside the animal marquee. A fantastic display of honey, candles, soaps, and bee wraps for visitors to purchase. And purchase they did! Very little stock had to be taken home after the two days of trading.
The observation hive was set up in the animal marquee as usual. And, as usual, it was extremely busy for the whole two days. I can never quite get over how interested people are in bees! All of the usual questions.

“How do you know she’s the queen?”

“Is the queen born with that spot on?”

“Why do you only have one queen in the hive?”

“Why are they attacking that wasp in there??”

“Do you ever get stung?”

“Can they get out of there??”

Etc. Etc.

It’s quite exhausting giving everyone the impression that it’s the first time you’ve heard that question. But always wonderful for us to have the opportunity to talk about bees, we love it.
Steph asked me to pass on her thanks to all of the volunteers who helped this weekend with setting up/packing up the stands and talking to our many visitors.
The show is named after the Countess of Warwick who was born at Easton Lodge into the Maynard family. The last Viscountess Maynard, who died in 1857, started the tradition of an annual flower show. This was revived by the Countess as part of a cottage garden show, with gardens judged prior to the show. The big house and beautiful gardens were opened, and all sorts of sporting activities were arranged. The tremendous number of exhibits entered and displayed in the Horticultural marquee that we see today are reminiscent of those shows which came to an end just before WW2. The Reverend Jack Filby in turn looked to these traditions when the first Countess of Warwick’s Country Show was held in September 1990.
This annual show is not just a celebration of our wonderful life in the countryside but is also a fundraiser for the four local churches: Little Easton, Broxted, Tilty and Great Easton.
It’s a wonderful, well supported event and if you missed it, be sure to get there next year. I’m sure SWBKA will be looking for volunteers to run our stands and help to enthuse/educate our visitors about the magic world of the honeybee.

Lizzie Beard 31/08/2021

Selection of local honey on show Some products for sale