Our aim is to promote and support beekeeping in Saffron Walden and the surrounding areas in Essex.

Within this website you will find details on how to contact us, our forthcoming programme of events, future training, swarm control, asian hornet information and a members area

About SWBK

The division actively encourages new beekeepers and provides comprehensive advice, training and mentoring.
For experienced beekeepers, we provide mutual support, access to equipment and on-going training opportunities.

New Beekeeper training

SWBK runs a comprehensive beginners course annually, starting in February or March.

We also run a ‘taster’ session which is held during the latter part of summer for those considering taking our beginners course.

Events programme

SWBK have a full programme of events throughout the year.

Events include apiary visits, guest speakers and social get togethers.
In the future our programme may include more web based meetings.


If you have a swarm of honey bees there may be one of our members who would be willing to remove them for you.

Please ensure they are honey bees before contacting a beekeeper.

SWBK History

Saffron Walden Beekeepers’ Association was one of the first Divisions of the Essex Beekeepers’ Association, founded in 1880.

Among our members we have some of the most experienced and well-qualified beekeepers in the county.

Asian Hornets

Often called ‘the yellow legged hornet’ Asian Hornets are an invasive predator and could have a devastating impact on all pollinators, especially honey bees.

Please report any sightings of an Asian Hornet.

If you are interested in keeping bees -